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Risks, regulations, and compliance requirements are constantly changing. You have to respond responsibly with discipline and control to manage them. Reputations, jobs, and even personal freedoms are at stake. Are your risk management and compliance approaches or programs enough?

The most successful organizations address these challenges directly and effectively. They undertake compliance audits to find out what’s working and what isn’t. Business leaders from these organizations call GEN5. Not only do we understand your industry, operational environment, and market, but we also know the regulatory landscape as it applies to your unique circumstance. We’ll help you stay lean while ensuring compliance. Whether your concerns about risk rest with the business, with IT, or both, GEN5 has you covered. We’ll help you uncover the risk factors, design risk-mitigation and management strategies, and we’ll help you implement those strategies as sustainable programs. Our services include risk and compliance assessments, training for boards of directors, design and implementation of corporate and organizational governance frameworks, impacts of new regulations, SOX, and much more.

When you need the best advice money can buy, and quick turnaround to complex questions. GEN5’s advisory team places at your fingertips an unbeatable combination of public and private sector executives and mid-level managers. Many of our advisors are experienced business consultants and organizational experts from finance, tax, accounting, information technology, procurement and sourcing. We deliver real-world, customized support and solutions that respond to your specific challenges and priorities – all at a price-point that can’t be beaten.