What Defines Us

At GEN5 we like to keep things simple. We believe our tagline Accessible Expertise™ says it all. It defines who we are, just as it guides us during every client interaction:

Accessible: ( ak-ˈse-sə-bəl )
1: capable of being reached;
also: being within reach,
2: easy to communicate or deal with

Expertise: ( ek-spər-ˈtēs )
1: expert opinion or commentary,
2: the skill of an expert

Everything we do is based on one single premise: The only measure of our success is your success.

Our Roots

Our founder worked for over twenty years in a variety of startup and executive leadership roles. During that time, he developed exceptional competency in organizational performance improvement and turnaround. He was called upon again and again to “fix” stalled projects, to stimulate stagnating initiatives, and to drive broad turnaround and performance improvements. It was abundantly clear to him that there had to be a better way for companies to approach strategy development, execution, and organizational performance – a better way to do the right things in the right way to deliver exceptional outcomes. He combined his experience and expertise into a set of core delivery methodologies, tools, and approaches that proved their effectiveness throughout numerous engagements. In 2000 he formed “Ascension Consulting” as a means of helping clients to eliminate the learning curve and benefit immediately from his hard work and proven techniques.

As we’ve grown, we’ve consistently improved, and we’ve never lost sight of the fact that our clients matter more than anything else.

New Beginnings

Strong Foundations

Built on a foundation of tremendous success, in 2005 we expanded our services and market footprint. At this time, we rebranded the firm as “GEN5”. As we’ve grown, we’ve consistently improved, and we’ve never lost sight of the fact that our clients matter more than anything else.

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Corporate Services

We offer a variety of services that align specifically with corporate roles and needs such as CEO, COO, CFO, and CIO. Take a look at the “Our Expertise” page for a full listing of all that we do. We provide these services as a family of companies that allows us to better serve the needs of any organization including large companies, small and midsized companies, and non-profits, as well as public-sector and government organizations at the federal, state, and local levels.

Our Values

Deliver Value

Deliver value far in excess of the cost of our services

Deliver Results

Consistently exceed our clients’ expectations in every way

Cultivate Trust

Build enduring relationships with our clients through trust and trust-worthiness, commitment, integrity, candor, hard work, and execution

Effective Solutions

Describe problems only in the context of workable, cost-effective solutions

Devotion & Committment

Commit to always focus on the people and the value we can help them deliver

Clear Communication

Maintain an absolute philosophy of “no surprises” for our clients


Discuss even the toughest issues and challenges with compassionate forthrightness and candor

Our Vision

"We make the combination of executive-level business leadership and world-class consulting expertise accessible, affordable, and attainable "

From the beginning in 2000 GEN5 was designed to be unique - different from any other consultancy. In a world of also-rans and cookie-cutter approaches we built a consultancy that really is different. Our tagline of “Accessible Expertise” describes our approach perfectly. We make the combination of executive-level business leadership and world-class consulting expertise accessible, affordable, and attainable for businesses and governmental entities of any size, including small and mid-sized firms who need it most and often can least afford it. Perhaps most importantly we envisioned and developed a consultancy committed to the success of U.S. companies and public-sector organizations, along with the U.S. workers who show up every day to share in their success.

Our Mission

We know that what matters most to any company is cost-effectiveness and execution - measurable results with affordable delivery. With that in mind, our commitment to our clients, to our employees, and to our shareholders drives our mission.

"We will develop and profitably deliver world class consulting services that will provide our clients with enduring value far in excess of their costs."

Public Sector & Non-Profit

Strong Commitment

GEN5 has provided incredibly effective yet affordable consulting services to government and non-profits for almost twenty years. We believe strongly that we have a core obligation to support these highly impactful organizations that do so much for so many.

We deliver services to our government and non-profit clients through GEN5 Consulting, LLC. GEN5 Consulting is a key member of the GEN5 family of companies.

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Our Pledge to You

We will always serve our government and non-profit clients with unparalleled levels of excellence and commitment to your mission and organizational goals. We will price our services and craft win-win deals in innovative ways that will make our expertise accessible to you regardless of your current situation

For our non-profit clients, GEN5 offers a variety of low-cost options, including donation of a portion of our fees for qualifying 501(c)(3) organizations. In fact, we’ve provided hundreds of thousands of dollars in donated services since we started this program. Call today to see if we can do the same for your organization.

Our Key DifferentiatorsDifferences

GEN5 is different from any consultancy you’ve ever worked with before. Here’s why:

Industry Depth of Knowledge and Experience

Our delivery expertise is rooted in the depth and breadth of our industry experience. Our senior-level industry experts understand the unique characteristics of your challenges, opportunities and competitive landscapes.

Our Hands-On Approach

Our assessments are lightning fast. Our approach is lean and mean. We hit the ground running. We’ll provide the consulting expertise to take your projects from ideation to sustainable implementation quickly and efficiently. GEN5 will perform like a temporary member of your team to drive your results in shortened timeframes you never thought possible.

Unparalleled Expertise

Whether you are seeking an operational or financial due diligence, or the implementation of a strategy to drive revenue growth and cultural change, we bring on-point experts, providing seamless execution of our solutions across the business. We know how to pull the right levers to effect immediate change, while always focusing on the long-term sustainability of the business.

Today’s markets are unforgiving. Investors punish even small earnings misses. Competitors undercut your prices. Budgets get slashed. GEN5’s Performance Improvement practice equips you to grow earnings and outperform the competition. Whether you need to reduce costs in procurement, SG&A or operations; increase R&D effectiveness; root out unnecessary complexity; or build your ability to do all of the above - GEN5 can help.

Rapid Results™

GEN5 will deliver strategic outcomes in a fraction of the time you’d need to do it yourself assuming you had the skilled resources. That speed of delivery allows us to provide benefits so quickly that our services literally pay for themselves. This approach is so important to us, and to our clients, that we ultimately trademarked the term.

We lift employees up, uniting them behind leadership, commonly-held goals, and a deep sense of commitment. You’ll see the results through strategic focus, heightened energy and passion, and unyielding commitment to “getting things done”.

Sustainable Outcomes & Internal Accountability

Organizations often “backslide” once consultants walk out the door. We’ll drive the organizational and cultural changes required to literally change staff mindsets and drive sustainable results. We’ll help you create ownership and accountability for outcomes within your organization and teams for positive change that builds and grows over time.

Giving Back

GEN5 gives back to the community with emphasis on historical preservation and restoration efforts aimed at maintaining the proud architectural heritage of our great nation.