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Our Expertise

As a global management consulting firm, we’ve carefully designed our core areas of expertise with a specific goal of helping you to thrive in today’s ever-changing business environment. Whether private sector, public sector, or non-profit, we’ve worked in your industry and specific vertical. We understand the environment in which you need to perform. GEN5 consultants are proven functional experts so we know how to hit the ground running to deliver Rapid Results™ aimed at providing a very quick ROI for the consulting dollars you invest.

Isn't Winning Fun?

Unfortunately, only 10% of all companies successfully execute the strategies that could help them win.

Are You Ready For This?

When we ask executives about their business strategy, they share the hard work they've done with strategic planning. Yet when we look at the projects their company has underway, we find significant gaps between what was planned strategically, and the work that’s actually being performed. The bottom line is that whether by intention or not, your projects ultimately are your strategy. As a global management consulting firm, GEN5 helps businesses bridge strategy execution gaps.

Studies show that only 40% of projects meet schedule, budget, and quality goals!


The Reasons are Clear...


85% of executive teams spend less than one hour per month discussing strategy.

Your strategy must be properly designed, and it must be supported by well-managed projects. There’s no other way to successfully and consistently execute your strategy and your strategic initiatives.


Only 25% of managers have incentives that are directly linked to strategies.


Only 40% of companies link their budgets directly to their strategies.

90% of companies are failing to execute on their strategies because they're not "strategy-focused" across their entire organization, and they're not successfully delivering on the right projects for the right strategic reasons.


Only 5% of companies' workforce understand strategy on average.